In the first LTP workshops, teachers told Ewald that what they really needed was photographs of what they were teaching. At the time, their only tools were the blackboard and chalk, so they had to write their lesson—or draw it if they could—and the students copied what the teachers had written into their notebooks. Tanzanian Teachers' Colleges offered classes in "blackboard work." Ewald felt that posters could be an economical solution to not having visual aids and textbooks in overcrowded classrooms. In workshops, Tanzanian teachers chose lessons in the national curriculum that they felt most needed visual representation.  Ewald and other volunteer photographers took pictures that teachers would use to encourage discussion around a particular topic. After the pictures were taken, designer Katy Homans joined the team in 2012.  With the teachers, Homans designed the posters, which relate to the national curriculum. 



Posters in use


Lesson Plan

Civics Lesson Plan for use by teachers in primary schools.

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Secondary School POSTERS

In 2015, LTP was asked by University of Dodoma to work in Tanzania on a Secondary School curriculum to be called Teaching and Learning through Photography.  The leadership of the program is in the hands of Dean of Humanities Dr. Frowin Nyoni and Dean of Education Dr. Rebecca Malaki, as well as ten professors of arts and education. In workshops, the UDOM professors are developing secondary school posters and a mandatory course for Humanities and Education students.  In the course, AD 221: TEACHING AND LEARNING THROUGH PHOTOGRAPHY, student teachers are learning various approaches to visual education, including photography, digital and analog design, and most importantly, learning how to work with local resources to produce visual aids. After graduation, when placed in government schools, the student teachers will receive TLTP posters to share with fellow teachers.  


Katy Homans's poster design workshop for University of Dodoma Professors

May, 2017